The founders of the Company retain over 70 years of experience in the logistics business.

Logistics Worldwide WAREHOUSE, LLC. caters to the expanding needs for efficient logistics and distribution services for the North American importers. Our goal is to provide personalized reliable warehousing and distribution services; to supply a complete inventory & order management system for the successful fulfillment of orders of various sizes.  We have worked hard to achieve this goal.

Our company boasts modern Warehouse Management System (WMS) as well as complete e-commerce fulfillment software that specifically targets the e-commerce traders either in foreign countries or in North America. Our company professionally and skillfully covers the ˇ§Business to Businessˇ¨ (B2B) clients, as well as ˇ§Business to Consumersˇ¨ (B2C) clients. Therefore it doesnˇ¦t matter what your business model is, our warehousing and distribution services will get you covered.

Our teams of dedicated professionals work in close cooperation with major chain stores Distribution Centers (DC); stores; couriers; truckers; and local drayage firms. We work closely with importersˇ¦ shipping teams to route orders; to catch important cutoff times for ASNs; and to provide PODs in a timely manner.

In partnership with our sister company TG&P SERVICES dba Presto Trucking, your containers from ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are our priority. No more out-sourced truckers to get in the way between your containers and our warehouse. We get your container drayage covered by utilizing computerized dispatching module, and your containers ˇ§Last Free Daysˇ¨ and container availability are always closely monitored by our Customer Service Representatives.

Logistics Worldwide Warehouse, LLC. offers complete distribution solutions that include container drayage;  consolidation; warehouse; distribution; and such special services as pick-and-pack, labeling, compliance orders, etc.

Our specialized professional teams are ready for serve your distribution needs. One call is all it takes.